PlicAR steps

PlicAR enables optimized AR publishing in any environment.

1.Adding AR functions to apps and platforms requires high costs and a development period.

2.WebAR allows you to experience optimized AR immediately in your browser without these additional tasks.

3. The automated optimization process can be used in iOS, Android, and in any desktop environment.


3D modeling automation solution

Provides a solution for automatically converting images into 3D models based on Photogrammetry algorithms.

Improve existing algorithms to achieve faster results while maintaining higher levels of quality.


Automatic 3D model optimization solution

PlicAR provides a solution for automatically generating 3D models optimized for all Web environments.

Users can experience smooth AR feature no matter what browser they connect to.


Consumer analysis solution

Retailers always want to know what products consumers are interested in.

3D models can be used to analyze interest in the product through patterns exposed to consumers.

Based on a library of 3D models, RECON Labs is developing solutions to help retailers increase sales.


Service Process


No complex 3D tools are required. All you have to do is take a product video with your smartphone.

3D modeling

Unlike other solutions where designers work directly on modeling, we provide an economical and time-efficient automated solution.


Provides optimized user experience no matter what device consumers connect.

Embed to website

Uploading product information to the eCommerce market is usually the most tricky part of the retailer. But just one link is enough with PlicAR. No other work is required.

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